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Silver Birch Pruned in Wingerworth Chesterfield

We were called out Wingerworth in Chesterfield to look at a Silver Birch Tree.
The tree was about 60 years old, and 70ft tall.

The homeowners wanted us to prune the tree, it was blocking light from the garden.

Silver Birch Tree in Chesterifield

We pruned the tree using crown reduction methods. That means that we thinned the top of the tree branches out. The crown was reduced by 30%.

We Pruned this Silver Birch in Wingerworth, Chesterfield

If you have a Silver Birch that needs attention, call Hands on Tree Care.
This species should ideally be pruned when dormant between late October to March

Conifer Crown Reduction For Sheffield Care Home

Hands on Tree Care were called to a Sheffield Care home to manage some trees that had gotten out of control.

Crown Reduction for Leylandii

Crown Reduction for Conifer

Crown Reduction

Firstly, there was a large Conifer in the front garden. The Conifer was a Leylandii tree and it was blocking the light from the property. This made the house dark during the day.  The Tree needed a Crown Reduction. By trimming the tree we allowed more light into the house, which also made the front rooms warmer.

Leylandii trees can grow to enormous heights with very thick trunks.  It’s always best to manage them before they become too much of a problem and have to be cut down completely. This tree had a lot of low foliage which was beginning to grow across access to the property.  The low foliage was also tidied up, to make the driveway look more inviting.

Managing Conifers Brings Benefits

Another benefit of managing Conifers is lawncare. When Conifer trees get too large and start to block the light, the lawns below them take longer, to dry out after rainy periods. Damp lawns then encourage moss and other weeds to grow and generally diminish the quality of your lawn.

Reduction of Leylandii to allow more light into front of property and upstairs windows. Tree was reduced to more manageable size for maintenance, and also causes increase in foliage at base of tree so appears more healthy.  This will need re-trimming if it becomes too unruly, but base foliage is easily managed if trimmed regularly.

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We regularly tackle Conifers of this size all across the Sheffield and Chesterfield region, so if you have a conifer tree that needs attention, don’t hesitate. Call Hands on Tree Care today.

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