Tree Care Work in Sheffield by Hands on Tree Care.

Leylandii Removed in Chesterfield

We were called to dismantle some Leylandii and Lawson’s Cypress in a rear garden to allow more light into the garden.  All the logs were stacked and cut to size for the customer to use on wood burning stove.

Typically logs would need 12-18 months seasoning so they have chance to dry out.  Ideal moisture content for hard or soft wood logs for stove burning is 20% or under. This ensures excessive tar does not form in chimneys and sufficient heat is produced from fire to warm rooms.

Dangerous Trees Removed

Removed Dangerous and damaged trees that had been pruned incorrectly in the past resulted in growth which was not suitably anchored. This Pollard was uneven and resulted in the tree “snapping out” due to imbalanced growth (contorted willows and hollies).