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Tree Felling Sheffield. We use traditional Felling and Sectional Dismantling techniques to safely remove trees.

Spruce Tree Cut Down in Worksop

Spruce Tree cut down in Worksop: Hands on Tree Care
Hands on Tree Care  We were called out to dismantle a large Spruce tree in Worksop, due to its roots lifting the tarmac on the driveway.

The Spruce tree was approximately 70ft tall and around 50 yrs old. As usual, when cutting down trees in a residential area we use a sectional dismantling technique. Sectional dismantling is the method of cutting down a tree in carefully managed sections. We climb the tree using a rope and harness and then dismantled in sections.

This Spruce Tree took around 4 hours to fully dismantle and tidy away.

Spruce Tree Cut Down

After the spruce tree was cut down to a safe and manageable level, we then cut the trunk into smaller sections.

Logs For The Customer

Often when we have a single tree to fell, the customer will request that we provide some of the logs for their own personal use. This something that we are happy to do.  All the smaller branches are shredded using out mobile chipper. This makes short work of branches and twigs, and what’s more, it’s  a great way to reuse the materials.  The woodchip created by the chipper is bagged up and used for borders and garden paths.  It also makes a great weed suppressant mulch.

Get your spruce tree cut down

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Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

.The Horse Chestnut tree that we felled in Sheffield at the end of the summer was amongst one of the more enjoyable jobs of August 2017.

The Horse Chestnut tree was showing signs of disease, and in the last year, had begun to drop sizeable limbs. Luckily these had fallen into the field and not onto the adjacent road.

cutting down a horse chestnut tree

Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

The landowner began their search for a reputable tree surgeon in Sheffield and gave Hands on Tree care a call. They had decided to have the old conker tree felled completely for safety reasons. Sadly it had given its last conkers to the local kids and now it was time to make it safe.

The Conker tree was overhanging onto the public highway and footpath. Had a branch fallen from the tree onto a pedestrian or a passing car, someone might have been injured or worse still,
horse chestnut tree cut down

Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield

Hands on Tree care always put safety at the heart of any job that we work on. We believe that it’s absolutely vital to any tree surgery job that the members of the public and our team are not put at risk by external factors, such as pedestrians walking under the felling area, impatient drivers ignoring the traffic safety precautions.

When we arrived to cut the tree we put in place a system of traffic management to enable safe removal without causing a hazard to pedestrians or traffic. Next, we began to cut the tree down using Sectional Dismantling.

Consider hiring us, we are fully qualified and fully insured.


Horse Chestnut Felled in Sheffield
Finally, we do a full cleanup. Apart from a few small twigs and a bit of sawdust, you’d never even know we’d been there.

Are you a Farmer, Business owner or a private householder? Hands on Tree care are locally respected Tree Surgeons in the Sheffield area. Don’t delay, get those dangerous trees taken care of before they end up costing you a lot of money in compensation pay outs.

Fun Facts About Trees – Infographic

Hands on Tree Care  have been writing articles about the work that we do for a few years now. We thought it might be fun to try something a bit more graphical.

Tree Infographic

Fun Facts About Trees

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Ash Tree Removal – Nottingham

Ash Tree Removal – Nottingham – Tony Hands August 2017

We were called out to quote for an Ash tree removal in Nottingham.   Upon examination, it was obvious to us that the Ash tree, which was situated in the back garden of the property was growing too close to outbuildings.  The roots of the Ash tree had started to affect the foundations of the buildings.  This had caused subsidence and damage to the roof tiles on the outhouse.

ash tree removal

Ash Tree causing damage to outbuildings.

In addition to the problem caused by the tree roots, the canopy had become overgrown and was blocking the light from the garden.  Too much shade caused by overhanging trees can reduce plant growth and encourage damp conditions, not to mention mossy lawns.

Ash Tree Blocking Light From Garden

This Tree was blocking light from the garden.


How Do You Remove An Ash Tree?

Removing a Tree is a standard procedure for us here at Hands on Tree Care.  The Ash Tree was approximately 15meters tall and the customer requested complete removal.    Using our favoured method of sectional dismantling, we cut the tree down in sections. This method is the best way to remove a tree when it is growing close to buildings.

Sectional dismantling

Cutting the Ash tree down in sections.

Ash Tree Removed in Nottingham

After felling we removed the logs, branches and sawdust.

How Long Does It Take To Remove An Ash Tree?

This particular job was fairly straightforward. we had it quickly cut down and removed with the day. After cutting the Ash tree down, we tidied away all the logs, branches and leaves and tidied the garden of tree debris and sawdust.

Do you have a tree that needs removal? Perhaps your Trees and Hedges just need some pruning? Get in touch today. Just leave your details in the form below, we’ll get back to you.

Leaning Poplar Tree Felled Chesterfield

Leaning Poplar Tree Felled Chesterfield.

Do you need a Tree Felled in Chesterfield?  We were recently called out by a local farmer who needed a Poplar tree felled.  The Tree had developed a  lean toward a neighbouring property.  The neighbours had raised concerns about the safety of the tree due to dropped branches after windy weather.

Poplar Tree Felled

Leaning Poplar Tree Dismantled

The landowner decided to get the tree felled because it had become too large for the location and posed risk of instability in high winds.

We cut wind damaged trees down

Poplar Tree Cut

We decided the safest way to get the tree felled was to rope up to the top of the tree and cut from the top using a method known as ‘sectional dismantling‘.


Tree Felled Chesterfield

Tony Hands dismantling the poplar Tree

Logs From Your felled Tree

When you get a tree felled by sectional dismantling, you can be sure that we are minimising the risk of danger to people and property below the tree. Large parts of the trunk and Bows are removed in sections and lowered safely to the ground. After that other sections of branches are cut away and the tree’s height is lowered gradually.

Once the whole tree or trees are cut, we can then cut up the logs into manageable sections to be taken away. Alternatively, you might want to keep the logs to use on your fire or in your wood burning stove. Remember to dry them properly for around a year before you burn them.

We always tidy up
One thing that you can be certain of is that here at Hands on Tree Care, we pride ourselves on leaving your property neat and tidy. We always clear up small branches and sawdust. Past customers often comment on our cleanup work.

Choose Hands on Tree Care

So if you need a Tree Felled, Contact Hands on Tree today using the form on the right.

Dangerous Sweet Chestnut Tree Dismantled

We were called to perform a standard tree felling. We found a large Sweet Chestnut tree in the rear garden of the residential property.

Sweet Chestnut Tree dismantled

Dangerous Trees Removed

The tree had grown so large that it had become dangerous due to large amounts of dead wood in the tree. There was a children’s play area underneath the tree, and the owners wanted to remove the risk.

tree felling

Before the tree could be felled, we had to put in an application to local council who agreed to felling due to tree being a safety risk.

Sweet Chestnut Tree Felled

Sectional Tree Felling

The Chestnut tree had to be dismantled in sections and then gently lowered down via ropes to prevent any damage to paved patio area.  We call this method of tree felling, sectional dismantling.

Cutting Down the Tree Trunks

The tree was approximately 90 feet tall, so sectional dismantling was also the safest way to remove the tree.

Sweet Chestnut Trees Cut Down

To dismantle the tree and remove all the debris took a duration 2 days.  Job done.

Do you have a tree that needs removing? Perhaps you just want a price for tree felling, or for us to come and remove some dead branches?

Whatever the size of the job, Hands on Tree Care will do a first class job.

See what our customers say about us, by reading our tree care reviews.

Sycamore Tree Removed

Sycamore Tree Removed
Sycamore Tree Cut down
We were called out to a job in Sheffield recently. A sycamore tree had been left to grow, where the seed had fallen.

Over time the Sycamore tree had grown large and was beginning to push up the concrete flags in the garden and push against the boundary wall of the garden.  This could lead to the wall becoming unsafe, and the tree roots getting underneath the buildings.

Dismantled Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree Removed
We dismantled the  Sycamore using sectional dismantling. There was no way to fell the tree in a traditional manner.  The job had rather difficult access as you can see.

Removing Tree Branches
The Tree we removed had an approximate height of about 15 meters.  Hands on Tree Care used a safe and controlled lowering of the timber in sections, to prevent damage to any structures.

Need a Sycamore Tree Removed?

Do you have a tree that has grown too close you your buildings?
Contact hands on Tree Care to come and take a look. We can advise on the best way to safely remove or prune the tree.

Wind Blown Tree Removal in Matlock

Wind blown Tree Removal

Occasionally Trees fall, usually aided by the wind. Hands on Tree Care offer a 24/7 Callout Service to help you deal with wind blown trees in a timely manner.

Wind Blown Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal – Tony cuts the Beech tree into manageable pieces for removal

It doesn’t matter whether the fallen tree is a skinny Silver Birch, or a mighty Oak, we have the equipment to take care of it. We will remove branches and cut the trunks up into smaller pieces ready for removal.

Above, you see Tony with a large 3ft bar used on chainsaw to process large trunks of wood. This timber was split and seasoned to be sold for hardwood firewood logs.

Fallen Trees to Firewood

The process of seasoning logs takes between a year and 18 months. Ideally, wood sold as seasoned should have a moisture content of no greater than 25%. Hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Sycamore Elm and Beech have a high calorific value which means they generate high heat output. This makes them ideal for domestic use they also burn for longer than softwoods so are a more efficient option, making your wood go further!

35 ft Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled – Cuthorpe

Eucalyptus Tree Dismantled: April 2014

We were called out to look at a large Eucalyptus Tree. The Eucalyptus was approximately 10 years old, and the customer was concerned that the tree had become too large. Customers often do not realise just how didn’t realise how fast growing some species are.

Eucalyptus Tree Cut Down

Eucalyptus Tree Removed

Large Eucalyptus Tree?- No Problem for Hands on Tree Care.

Tree Felling in Tight Spaces

This job was another tricky one in terms of logistics. There were lots of garden obstacles to negotiate, such as a pond, a shed, greenhouse and patio, therefore this job required precision felling.

Protect Ponds from Leaf Matter

Ponds require special attention when felling trees because falling leaf matter can often cause changes in water Ph and certain species of tree can cause poisoning to fish. As a precaution, ponds are always covered during tree cutting, to prevent damage to the wildlife or pet fish.

Remove overgrown Trees To help Smaller Trees Grow

Now that the Eucalyptus has been removed, the Ash tree behind, which was very ‘one sided’ due to being in constant shade, will begin to recover and develop more balanced growth .

Hands on Tree Care Protect you & your Garden Property

Garden ornaments are always cleared from the work area before cutting commences. No permissions were required from the local council in this instance, prior checks revealed no tree preservation orders, and the tree was not within a conservation area. Hands on Tree Care will help you check these vital details, to ensure that tree work is within the law.

Eucalyptus Tree Removed

3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross

Tree Felling Chesterfield

Call Hands on Tree Care for Tree Felling.

3 Conifers Felled in Clay Cross – April 2014.

We were contacted by a home owner, who needed us to look at three Conifers, all required felling. The Trees were approximately 25 feet tall, and growing in close proximity to shed and fence.

Access to the trees and was difficult access as it was long way to drag cut branches through the back garden and up some steps to front of property where we had our chipper.

Felling Trees lets light flood into your Garden

Now that the trees are felled this will allow more light to get to a prized Sorbus Tree, which was growing in close proximity.

The extra light will benefit the Sorbus, resulting in more balanced growth and a healthier specimen.

Felling Trees Can improve Soil Quality

Soil quality will also improve with removal of conifers. This is because Conifers create acidic soil conditions, which many species are intolerant to. Conifer roots also cause desiccation of soil, which can lead to deterioration in health of lawn turf.

Call Hands on Tree Care for Tree Felling.

Hands on Tree Care think Safety First

Hands on Tree Care always asses each job with health and safety in mind. It is important to ensure that both people and property are protected when felling trees.

We climbed the Tree using spikes, we only use these when a tree is to be felled, as they cause bark damage during use. Rope and harness were used to strip branches out first,  then we removed the main limbs in sections. Finally we brought up all the cut branches, to the chipper before cleaning the yard.

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