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Damaged Trees Pruned

damaged trees pruned

Get your damaged trees pruned safely by the experts. We were called out to prune this mature Cedar Tree that had a lot of collapsed branches due to storm damage from high winds. Damaged branches need removing because the possibility of them falling on people below creates a high risk.

Once the tree was pruned, we thinned out the remaining tree canopy because many of the limbs were old and heavy. The older heavy branches were at risk of further limb breakage.

Damaged Trees Pruned & Thinned

If the trees on your property are overgrown or damaged, don’t wait, call Hands on Tree Care today. Hands on Tree Care offer an expert tree pruning service. We are fully insured and will prune your trees safely and efficiently.

Our fully qualified Tree Surgeons will assess the trees and choose the safest method of pruning and limb removal.

Weeping Willow Pollarded – Sheffield

Large Weeping Willow Sheffield
Our customer had a large Weeping Willow that was situated close to the River bank. They called us in to reduce the size of the Willow tree.  They wanted to improve the view in their garden and open up a view of the river.

The Weeping Willow was  around 80 years old  and around 65ft tall.  We decided the best method of pruning for this tree would be pollarding. Pollarding is reducing the length of branches to major trunks.  This encourages younger growth.

Willow Tree Pruned

Pollarding a Willow Tree

Pruning a Willow Tree
We recommend that a tree of this size should get pollarding maintenance every 5-6 years. Weeping Wilow trees are fast growing and will re-sprout after hard pruning in the spring.  These trees have an affinity to water  so caution should be used if planting in proximity to domestic water pipes or house foundations as can cause subsidence.

Weeping Willow Tip

Weeping Willow  trees have an affinity to water,  so caution should be used if planting in proximity to domestic water pipes or house foundations as can cause subsidence.

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Silver Birch Pruned in Wingerworth Chesterfield

We were called out Wingerworth in Chesterfield to look at a Silver Birch Tree.
The tree was about 60 years old, and 70ft tall.

The homeowners wanted us to prune the tree, it was blocking light from the garden.

Silver Birch Tree in Chesterifield

We pruned the tree using crown reduction methods. That means that we thinned the top of the tree branches out. The crown was reduced by 30%.

We Pruned this Silver Birch in Wingerworth, Chesterfield

If you have a Silver Birch that needs attention, call Hands on Tree Care.
This species should ideally be pruned when dormant between late October to March

Poplar Trees Reduced in Height

Hands on Tree Care were called to Chesterfield to reduce the height of several Poplar trees from approx 100ft to 40ft in a private garden. Overgrown Poplar Trees
The Householder was concerned that the trees had become too tall and concerned that the recent high winds may cause damage to either their property or their neighbours.

Pruning Overgrown Poplar Trees

Poplars can be hard pruned and will grow back readily because they are a very fast growing species.We used a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the trees, bringing them down to a nice safe height.

Cutting Overgrown Poplar Trees

After we had completed the job, we left the logs for customer, all stacked neatly.   Do you have a Tree or group of trees that need attention? Complete the form on the right of this article and we’ll call you back.

Poplars Pruned by Hands on Tree Care

Overgrown Conifer Hedge – Pruned.

We were called out to a house in chesterfield to look at a very overgrown Conifer hedge. The Hedge had grown up to a height of approximately 12 meters in height and 75 meters long.Overgrown Hedge needs trimming

The hedge was mature and would have taken around 15-20 years to reach this height. Annual pruning would have prevented this level of overgrowth.

We were asked to reduce hedge as our customers neighbours had recently had solar panels fitted to their roof and were unable to get any benefit due to shade caused by overgrown hedge.

Hands on Tree Care use a sectional dismantling technique to reduce the height of the hedge.

Cutting an Overgrown Hedge!

Once we had trimmed the hedge to the desired height, cut the trunks into logs and removed all the cut branches.

Best time to Prune an Overgrown Conifer Hedge

Conifers should be cut Spring/Summer to prevent frost damage which can cause browning of the leaves thus making the trees more susceptible to pests and diseases. Consideration should always be taken for nesting birds and defer works where necessary.

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Trees Pollarded – Student Property in Broomhall

Trees Pollarded at Sheffield Student Letting Properties Broomhall Area S10.Pollarding Lime Trees in Sheffield

This was a large job requiring an application to prune trees in the conservation area.
We had to liaise with Sheffield City Council, as the process of application and permission usually takes 6 weeks. Hands on Tree Care held a site meeting held with council’s tree officer to address concerns of the local residents committee.

Permission to Get Trees Pollarded

Permission was granted to get the trees pollarded as well as cutting a Sycamore which bordered the complex of student accommodation.Tony Hands Pollarding Lime Trees

Pollarding the trees to previous growth points resulted in Lime Trees being reduced in height from approximately 70ft to 10ft. This had a dramatic effect in increasing the amount of light reaching the grounds and windows of the residents.

A large Chestnut Tree also had to be removed on site, as it was leaning at approximately 45% over communal parking area, posing a risk to vehicles parked underneath.

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Tree Pruning Advice

Pruning is often done in Spring / Summer to reduce volume of new growth to allow more light into to the ground below. Pruning your trees allows more balanced growth and also encourages denser, bushier growth of new branches.

Hands on Tree Care perform many different types of pruning. We can prune all types of Trees and hedges.low is a list of the most common types of Pruning we are asked to carry out.

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Crown Thinning

The removal of a small portion of medium and small branches throughout the crown of the tree. Thinning produces a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure it should reduce the density of the crown without drastically altering the shape of the tree.

• Thinning also allows more light to pass through the crown, reduces wind resistance and can reduce the weight of heavy branches.
• Crown thinning includes crown cleaning, which is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing, crowded and loosely attached branches of low growth.

Crown Lifting

The removal of the lowest branches and preparing of lower branches for future removal. Good examples reduce lack of balance after crown lifting has been carried out, the crown should be at least 2/3 of the height of the tree.

• Crown lifting is useful because it allows more light into a property.
• Crown lifting also provided good clearance above roads, footpaths and smaller out-buildings, such as sheds and greenhouses.

Crown Reduction

is simply the reduction of the crown of a tree, or the top of the tree itself. The ends of the branches are removed to a suitable growing point and the diameter of the remaining branches should be at least 1/3 of the diameter of branches that are removed.

Sycamore Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction


After Crown Reduction

After Crown Reduction

After Crown Reduction

• Crown reduction is perfect for preventing branches from touching buildings, roofs and gutters.
• We specialise in removing branches that obstruct street lighs, overhead wires and cables, as well as other essential infrastructure.

Conifer Crown Reduction For Sheffield Care Home

Hands on Tree Care were called to a Sheffield Care home to manage some trees that had gotten out of control.

Crown Reduction for Leylandii

Crown Reduction for Conifer

Crown Reduction

Firstly, there was a large Conifer in the front garden. The Conifer was a Leylandii tree and it was blocking the light from the property. This made the house dark during the day.  The Tree needed a Crown Reduction. By trimming the tree we allowed more light into the house, which also made the front rooms warmer.

Leylandii trees can grow to enormous heights with very thick trunks.  It’s always best to manage them before they become too much of a problem and have to be cut down completely. This tree had a lot of low foliage which was beginning to grow across access to the property.  The low foliage was also tidied up, to make the driveway look more inviting.

Managing Conifers Brings Benefits

Another benefit of managing Conifers is lawncare. When Conifer trees get too large and start to block the light, the lawns below them take longer, to dry out after rainy periods. Damp lawns then encourage moss and other weeds to grow and generally diminish the quality of your lawn.

Reduction of Leylandii to allow more light into front of property and upstairs windows. Tree was reduced to more manageable size for maintenance, and also causes increase in foliage at base of tree so appears more healthy.  This will need re-trimming if it becomes too unruly, but base foliage is easily managed if trimmed regularly.

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We regularly tackle Conifers of this size all across the Sheffield and Chesterfield region, so if you have a conifer tree that needs attention, don’t hesitate. Call Hands on Tree Care today.

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